EPPOSI CCM White Paper

EPPOSI White Paper on a Chronic Conditions Model  - soon available!

The independent, not‐for‐profit, partnership-based and multi‐stakeholder think tank EPPOSI just published a White Paper on “Building a Workable Model for the Holistic Management of Chronic Conditions in Europe” and will be available at the upcoming EPPOSI CCM Conference on “An Optimal European Chronic Care Model: Towards Implementation and Benchmarking” (Brussels, December 5th, 2012). 

This White Paper represents the EPPOSI Chronic Conditions Management (CCM) group’s inputs to the development of a workable model for the holistic management of chronic conditions in Europe, taking into consideration medical, socioeconomic and technology dimensions. The primary objective of EPPOSI’s White Paper is to overcome both the existing gaps and obstacles in the management of chronic conditions in Europe and promote initiatives to tackle the alarming situation and impacts of chronic diseases.

While EPPOSI has been endorsing the symposia SIP 2011 and SIP 2012, the SIP-Platform and SIP Endorsing Organisations have supported the development of the White Paper during the past two years, including the demand for the recognition of Chronic Pain “… as an essential part of European and national policy-making on chronic conditions and diseases and as a health state to be treated as a disease in its own right.”

You can read more details at its Executive Summary that is available at the EPPOSI website.

EPPOSI CCM White Paper 11/22/2012 SIP platform https://www.sip-platform.eu/newsroom/news/epposi-ccm-white-paper

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