Dutch study finds that the impact of rheumatism is seriously underestimated

The most important results at a glance are:

  1. In the Netherlands 1.95 million people have a rheumatic disease, or 1 in 9 Dutch people.

  2. Rheumatic disorders rank 7th on the list of diseases with the highest burden.

  3. 68% of patients experience some to very many limitations in daily functioning by pain, decreased mobility or fatigue.

  4. More than half of those with rheumatic diseases between 40- 65 years have no paid job.

  5. 50% of all patients with rheumatic disease experience misunderstanding at work, but also with social organisations, friends and family.

  6. 54% of people with a rheumatic disease state they are moderately to very lonely.

  7. 7.6% of the patients are dependent on medication and 37% require frequent physical therapy.


NIVEL is an independent research institute and examines the effectiveness and quality of healthcare in the Netherlands and the relationships between providers, consumers, insurers and the government. The full study entitled " Rheumatic diseases in the Netherlands, experiences and key figures” will be published in March 2017.


More info:

  • The full press release on the study (in Dutch) you find here

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