ICD 11: Classification of chronic pain suggested

Following the latest publication in Pain, it is suggested to include a classification of chronic pain in the upcoming 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases ICD. This suggestion is already reflected in the ß-version of ICD 11 which is currently out for testing and commenting until August 2016. The objective is to decide on a final version during the World Health Assembly meeting in May 2017.


Although being preliminary and potentially subject to changes, this constitutes a major step forward to

  • achieve greater attention to chronic pain as a global health priority and adequate pain treatment

  • enable acquisition of epidemiological data related to chronic pain

  • form a basis for adequate billing for health care expenses related to pain treatment

  • support the development and implementation of new therapies.


Here you can find the full Pain article on the ICD 11 classification of chronic pain.

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