Dutch Minister of Health, Edith Schippers, sent a message to all participants of the Dutch “Pain Week”

The Dutch Minister of Health starts her message by stating that chronic pain has a huge impact on quality of life. Mrs. Schippers states that it is important to have an open exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge to best facilitate the treatment and outcomes for patients. Although patients often feel lonely and isolated while suffering from pain, during the Dutch Pain Week, the aim is make them feel more engaged with society and strengthen their resolve. Currently, 2 million people in the Netherlands are struggling with pain.

Fortunately there have been several new initiatives which have the potential to improve their lives, such as the new chronic pain care standard and the Dutch Health deal. In order to improve levels of care it is essential to consider that each patient has different needs and as such needs to receive personalised treatment.

Below is the video of Edith Schippers, in Dutch.

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