No Pain Foundation study gathering data on chronic pain in Malta

No Pain Foundation is honoured to announce that the Maltese Health Ethics Committee (Department of Health Information & Research) has given its approval to the No Pain Foundation's research project titled “CHRONIC PAIN IN MALTA: PREVALENCE, TREATMENT AND ITS IMPACT ON SOCIAL AND DAILY LIFE”. The large scale prospective and observational study is based on the administration of an ad hoc questionnaire using phone-call-survey methodology and the study popolution will be Maltese resident adults, speaking Maltese and/or English. It is planned to approach about

5,000 people (18 years of age). The results will be made public through Maltese and international media and published in scientific journals. Given the social importance of the survey, the No Pain Foundation is ready to share findings, upon request, ith the Maltese Directorate for Health Information & Research of the Ministry for Health. No Pain Foundation is an international non-profit Foundation based in Malta and devoted to carry out, locally and internationally, social, educational, research and development activities in the field of chronic pain. As the No Pain Foundation’s missions are Education, Research and Care of chronic pain, its board wishes to promote a benchmarking research on CP among the Maltese population as an essential first step towards further initiatives in this field.

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