SIP Delegation meets with Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General, DG SANTE

The delegation of SIP consisted of - Joop van Griensven (PAE), Patrice Forget (European Pain Federation, EFIC), Bianca Ferraiolo (ACN) and Norbert van Rooij (Grunenthal) - who all met with Martin Seychell, Deputy Director-General for Health in the European Commission and Stefan Schreck (Head of Unit -Health Programme and Chronic Disease Unit) in order to discuss SIP’s policy recommendations and to understand how the Commission could help pursue these.

The meeting was extremely successful. Lasting over 90 minutes, SIP delegates and Mr. Seychell discussed the impact of pain and chronic pain in health, economic and social dimensions. Mr. Seychell presented the Commission’s instruments and policies emphasizing the added value of best practice sharing across member states, in coordination with the Commission.

“Pain is one of the top societal factors having an effect on people, families and economies”

Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General, DG SANTE

Mr. Seychell acknowledged the robust profile of SIP as a representative of patients, doctors and citizens interest in improved pain care. Mr. Seychell highlighted the newly launched EU Health Policy Platform and the possibility that a thematic network could be created on pain. Such a network would go some way to achieving recommendation 3 of the 8 policy recommendations proposed at the 2016 SIP Symposium.

Mr Seychell also suggested that SIP could help with the collection of information on the best interventions in the field of pain care, contributing to the new EU Resource Centre on Chronic Diseases, which aims to highlight best practices and pass them on to member states governments.

Mr. Seychell gladly accepted the invitation to speak at SIP 2017 in Malta.

SIP Delegation meets Martin Seychell
SIP Delegation meets with Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General, DG SANTE 01/20/2017 SIP platform

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