The Lancet discusses chronic pain and SIP

We are pleased to announce that the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) project has been mentioned in a recent article published in the gold standard of medical journals, The Lancet. The article, published on the 10th of December, covers doctors advocating for better chronic pain management in the UK through parliamentary motions and goes on to talk about wider European and global initiatives. The topics of chronic pain as a disease in its own right, pain management and back to work programmes are all covered.


SIP was referenced by the author Tatum Anderson, who is a freelance writer on global health issues. She spoke to both EFIC President Chris Wells and Joanna Zakrzewska, a facial pain specialist at University College London Hospital. They discussed the current European pain policy situation and the importance of effective chronic pain management. SIP’s role in advocating for better “pain management facilities, pathways back to work and, importantly, training in pain management for doctors” was mentioned explicitly.


The article also references the importance of achieving recognition for chronic pain in the ICD-11 which is set to be completed by the next World Health Assembly in May 2017.


For the full text, please follow this link.

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