Pain included in European Commission report „EU State of Health“

The State of Health in the EU is a two-year initiative undertaken by the European Commission that provides policy makers, interest groups, and health practitioners with factual, comparative data and insights into health and health systems in EU countries.

The European Commission released the 28 country profiles in the new "State of Health in the EU" cycle. The profiles provide an overview of the health status and healthcare system set-up for each country, and points out main strengths and weaknesses identified. The reports have been developed in collaboration with the OECD and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

The 28 country profiles are accompanied by an EU-level "companion report" setting out some general learnings for European health systems. Pain is mentioned on page: 13 (patient-reported outcomes), 28, 37, 39.

Furthermore, in the next few years the Commission will be co-funding the development of the OECDs new Patient- Reported Indicators Survey (PaRIS). PaRIS will focus on patient-reported outcomes such as whether a treatment reduced pain or enabled a person to live more independently.

More background information and the reports can be found here.

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