Dutch pain patients are working together

Partnership of twelve patient organizations founded

The Dutch partnership "Pijnpatiënten naar één stem" ("~Pain Patients with one voice") was recently founded and Ilona Thomassen-Hilgersom is elected as Chairman. Ilona Thomassen-Hilgersom has years of experience in improving pain care. She is also Chairman of the "Patient Association Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" ("Patiëntenvereniging CRPS").

The partnership consist of twelve patient organizations, who want to raise the awareness of chronic pain. The organizations together represent the pain patient, in consultation with politicians, insurances and treatment providers. The partnership will collect pain patients' experiences on chronic pain and wants to stimulate the pain treatment providers to develop guidelines for the treatment of chronic pain.

The link for the Dutch press release.

The goal of the pain organizations is to improve pain care in the Netherlands. The cooperating organizations want to achieve this by:

  • Acknowledgement of chronic pain as a disease on its own.
  • Prevention of chronicity by adequate acute pain care; early diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment.
  • Understanding for pain patients by treatment providers
  • Preventing treatment over treatment if there is no real prospect of reducing the complaints.
  • Pain patients who are focused on the things they can do and not on the things they can not.

Dutch organizations who are particitpating:

  1. Alvleesklier Vereniging Nederland
  2. Dwarslaesie Organisatie Nederland
  3. Fibromyalgie en Samenleving (F.E.S.), de Nationale Vereninging voor Fibromyalgie-patienten
  4. ME/CVS-Stichting Nederland
  5. ME vereniging Nederland
  6. Nederlandse Vereniging van Hoofdpijnpatiënten
  7. Patiëntenvereniging Complex Regionaal Pijn Syndrome (CRPS)
  8. Osteoporose Vereniging
  9. Patiënten Vereniging Voor Neurostimulatie
  10. Syringomyelie Patiënten Vereniging
  11. Stichting Pijn-Hoop
  12. Wiplash Stichting Nederland 

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