Back problems cause indirect problems for Australians

The researchers projected that 90,000 people have lost productive life years due to back problems in 2015, increasing to 104,600 in 2030 (16.2% increase). People with lost productive life years due to back problems are projected to receive AU$340.91 less in total income and AU$339.77 more in welfare payments per week than full-time workers without back problems in 2030 and pay no income tax on average. National costs consisted of a loss of AU$2931 million in annual income in 2015, increasing to AU$4660 million in 2030 (60% increase). For government, extra annual welfare payments are projected to increase from AU$1462 million in 2015 to AU$1709 million in 2030 (16.9% increase), and lost annual taxation revenue to increase from AU$671 million in 2015 to $961 million in 2030 (43.2% increase). The study mentions projected losses in GDP of AU$10,543 million in 2015, increasing to AU$14,522 million in 2030 due to back problems.


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 The indirect costs of back problems (dorsopathies) in Australians aged 45 to 64 years from 2015 to 2030: results from a microsimulation model, Health&WealthMOD2030

Schofield, Deborah; Cunich, Michelle M.; Shrestha, Rupendra N.; Tanton, Robert; Veerman, Lennert; Kelly, Simon J.; Passey, Megan E.

Pain - December 2016 - Volume 157 - Issue 12 - p 2816–2825

doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000000715

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