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I am pleased to present you with the 8th edition of the Societal Impact of Pain newsletter. The SIP symposium is fast approaching and I am very excited for what we can achieve this year. The level of support from the Maltese government, as well as from political stakeholders in the European Parliament and European Commission, continues to astound us.

At the European Pain Federation EFIC, this year has been a significant one in that we held our first Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine. This is one of our educational activities to help increase awareness of the specificities of pain medicine across the medical profession. One of the crucial challenges for tackling the societal impact of pain is improving education and awareness raising, and hopefully our activities will help to achieve this.

Our partners from Pain Alliance Europe and Active Citizenship Network have their own ambitious and exciting awareness raising activities taking place this year, which you can read all about below. 

The newsletter is also available in pdf format here.



Prof. Bart Morlion
Director of the Multidisciplinary Pain Centre of the University of Leuven, Belgium
President Elect of the European Pain Federation (EFIC)

Patients’ voice to be heard louder in the domain of innovation

On the 8th of March Joop van Griensven, president of Pain Alliance Europe, and Norbert Van Rooij representing Grünenthal, have signed the mutual agreement on the initiated grant in the field of patient-centric innovations.

The project wishes to become reference point reflecting the common aim of the parties to create an environment where patient centricity is the basis for future initiatives, to create a sense of innovation with direct impact on patients’ needs and to create awareness of chronic pain conditions and neurological disorders.

Several partner organisations are invited to take part in this project together with PAE and Grünenthal – EFIC European Pain Federation, EAN – European Academy of Neurology and EFNA – European Federation of Neurological Associations.

Joop van Griensven (left) Norbert van Rooij (right)

EFIC host first exam for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine

Last week was a significant step forward for the European Pain Federation, as it held its first Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine. The creation of EFIC’s Core Curriculum and Diploma are vital steps forward in spreading a greater understanding of pain medicine across Europe. EFIC are doing a great job in expanding their projects and capacities, which will hopefully lead to greater awareness and eventually a greater commitment from health systems to tackle the impact of pain on society. The Examination will take place again this year, and more news will be made available on their website soon.

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