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National Initiatives Italy: Carta dei Diritti sul dolore inutile

8 rights vfor people living with pain

On the 20 April 2012 the Italian health organization "CittadinanzAttiva" (Activecitizenship) established 8 rights to improve the life of people suffering from severe or chronic pain, the "Carta dei diritti sul dolore inutil" (Charter of rights against unnecessary pain).

CittadinanzAttiva is a citizen's organization firmly rooted throughout Italy. It is composed of individuals, groups and networks sharing the wish to estblish citizens' role as an active subject in democracy.

The "Carta dei diritti sul dolore inutil" claims that:

-Every individual has the right to know that pain does not necessarily have to be put up with
-Much suffering can be alleviated by adopting the right treatment
-The right not to suffer unnecessarily must be recognised and repsrected as well in hospital wards as in long term facilities.

Furthermore, this "Charter of rights against unnecessary pain" intends to inform citizens about pain and promote its prevention, control and treatment.