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National Initiatives Austria: Motion by Member of Parliament Dr Spadiut

Motion by Member of Parliament Dr. Wolfgang Spadiut Colleague and fellows on improving the situation of chronic pain patients in Austria

Around 1.7 million Austrians are chronic pain patients. The situation of health care of this group of people can rightly be described as unsatisfactory. Every second of these patients is dissatisfied with his or her pain management. There is a lack of treatment options, and often it takes years to find a corresponding diagnosis. Thus, it is not surprising that an enormous economic damage arises. Around one third is unable to work and 21 per cent are in early retirement. The resulting damage is estimated at up to EUR 3 billion.


In this context, the undersigned deputies demand the following Motion for a resolution: The National Council is requested to adopt:

"The Federal Minister of Health is encouraged to take immediate initiatives to improve the situation of pain patients in Austria, that a multi-professional and integrative care at all levels of care is ensured. Furthermore, "chronic pain" is to be put on the agenda of the Federal targeting Commission."

In formal terms, the allocation to the Health Committeeis requested.