18 Nov 2014: Better education on pain management

Summary of SIP 2014

Press Release for Dods Monitoring Parliamentary Magazine Piece

Brussels, 18th November 2014. Better education on pain management and the need to foster European best practice sharing was discussed at the 5th Symposium on the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP), an international multi stakeholder platform aimed at raising awareness for the impact that pain has on our societies, health and economic systems.

Pain therapy and palliative care were listed as a priority by the Italian Presidency of the EU Council and, for the first time ever, all EU ministers of health discussed this topic at the recent informal Health Council meeting in September. Delegates of the SIP symposium, endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Health, welcomed the EU health ministers’ decision to create a European network for the training of healthcare professionals and the sharing of information and best practicesi.

They discussed what measures are urgently required to ensure that pain therapy and palliative care remain priorities on the agenda of both the EU institutions and national governments. European countries should benefit from existing good practices to avoid inequalities in access to pain treatment and the Commission and member states should secure the necessary resources to ensure that such a network is put in place for the benefit of European patients, especially considering the needs of both the elderly and paediatric patients.  

Read here the full UK SIP 2014 Press Release.

Feb 2014: The Painful Truth Report: 2,500 people

Patient and Client Coucil/ Norhtern Ireland - Your voice in health and social care

The Painful Truth: 2,500 people who live 
with chronic pain tell their story

The response to this project has been remarkable; more than 2,500 people with long-term pain took time to describe how pain affects their lives, to offer their views on the treatment and care they receive, and to suggest how pain services might improve in the future.

In total 2,525 people contributed to the study; 2,459 people completed a detailed questionnaire, 61 people participated in focus group discussions, and 5 people chose to talk about their experiences of long-term pain in a one-to-one interview.

In this report, the voices of those who suffer from long-term pain are strongest when they describe the impact of pain on their life. People describe the challenges and frustrations of dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis and give personal accounts of the effect of pain on their life.

As well as providing a detailed reflection of what it is like to live with pain on a daily basis, this report addresses a number of key findings in the following areas: –diagnosis, waiting for pain services, long-term support, treatment, and future services.

Read here the full Painful Truth Report (PDF).

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