June 2012: TV Report: Societal Impact of Chronic Pain

 On the 11th of June a media report appeared on Portugese national television. Chronic pain as disease costs Portugal 3 million euro´s per year and it affects around 30% of the Portugese population. Chronic pains can occur over longer periods and last for years.

tl_files/redakteur-bereich/National Initiatives/Portugal/dor cronica portugal nat init and press.jpgDuring SIP 2012 many pain experts have gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark to focus the attention on the problem it is for public health. José Romão (National Program for Pain Control) and Beatriz Craveiro Lopes (EFIC®) will give a statement on this subject. Please view the full tv news report above. 

May 2012: Awareness Initiative in National Parliament

tl_files/redakteur-bereich/National Initiatives/Portugal/PT_National Parliament Initiative_May 2012.jpgA awareness action about chronic pain was promoted by Fundação Grünenthal between 15-17 May 2012 in the Portuguese National Parliament. This initiative aimed the promotion of the knowledge of chronic pain as a disease in its own right and the social and economic burden of the disease, affecting 3 million adults in Portugal and costing about 3.000 millions Euros.  

Please read more information in the Fundação Grünenthal newsletter. 

January 2012: Publication: Indirect Costs of Chronic Pain

This article on indirect costs of chronic pain in Portugal ("Custos indirectos da dor crónica em Portugal") was published in January 2012 in the "National Magazine of Public Health" as well as presented during the 3rd international SIP symposium in Copenhagen during SIP Workshop 6 by Margarida Augusto.

tl_files/redakteur-bereich/National Initiatives/Portugal/Screenshot_TV report Dor Cronica_March 2012_lr.jpgOn 2 March 2012 there was a TV report on national television at "Edição da Manhã":Dor Cronica TV Report

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