SIP Symposium

Pre-meetings - Programme and materials

Wednesday, 06th November 2019




1500 - 1800

Workshop on Pain&Stigma

Pain Alliance Europe (PAE)

1500 - 1830

ICD-11 and ICF workshop

SIP Partners (EFIC, PAE, ACN)

1900 - 2130

Award Ceremony for European Civic Prize on chronic pain

Active Citizenship Network (ACN)


SIP Symposium- Programme and materials

Thursday, 07th November 2019






SIP endorsing organisations

0900 - 0920

Introductory remarks: ‘SIP 10th Anniversary: past, present and future’

Bart Morlion (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

Liisa Jutila (Pain Alliance Europe - PAE)

Mariano Votta (Active Citizenship Network - ACN)

Mark Fladrich (Grunenthal)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Guistino Varrassi (World Institute of Pain - WIP)

0920 - 1005

European Survey on National Pain Plans: results and implications

Vittoria Carraro (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

Paul Cameron (NHS)

Deirdre Ryan (Pain Alliance Europe - PAE)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Joke Jaarmsa (European Federation of Neurological Associations - EFNA)

1005 - 1025

SIP Thematic Network Program 2018 – What´s next?

Martin Seychell (European Commission DG Health and Food Safety - SANTE) Video message

Brona Fullen (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Vittoria Carraro (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

1025 - 1035

Keynote speech: Pain on the political agenda after the European elections

Alfred Sant MEP (European Parliament) Video message

1035 - 1120

Pain Research - SIP Joint Statement implementation

Gertrude A. Buttigieg (Malta Health Network - MHN)

Marian Nicholson (Pain Alliance Europe - PAE)

Elisabetta Vaudano (Innovative Medicine Initiative - IMI)

Petra Bloms-Funke (Grünenthal)

Monica Ensini (European Commission - DG Research)

Thomas Tölle (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Frédéric Destrebecq (European Brain Council - EBC)

1120 - 1200

Pain Education - SIP Joint Statement implementation

Emma Briggs (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

Gisèle Pickering (European Pain Federation - EFIC, SIP France)

Roberta Metsola (European Parliment) Video message

Usman Khan (European Patients' Forum - EPF)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Sam Kynman (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

1200 - 1400

Guided poster tours:

Exhibitors: SIP National and SIP endorsing organisations

1400 - 1445

Pain & Employment - SIP Joint Statement implementation

Joachim Brites (Associação Portuguesa de Neuromusculares (APN), SIP Portugal)

Saskia Decuman (National Institute of Health and Disability Insurance - RIZIV)

Elsa Frazão Mateus (Liga Portuguesa Contra as Doenças Reumáticas - LPCDR)

Sarah Copsey (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Grainne O’Leary (Arthritis Ireland)

1445 - 1600

Pain as a Health Quality Indicator - SIP Joint Statement implementation

Ulrich Vogel (German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information)

Cesar Margarit (Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, SIP Spain)

Santiago Calvos-Ramos (DG ECFIN, European Commission)

Ioana-Maria Gligor (DG Sante, European Commission)

Rolf-Detlef Treede (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Winfried Rief (Phillips University of Marburg)

1600 - 1645

The future of pain on the political agenda in Europe

Thomas Isenberg (German Pain Society)

Ortwin Schulte (German Health Attaché)

Deirdre Ryan (Pain Alliance Europe - PAE, SIP Ireland)

Monica Ensini (DG RESEARCH, European Commission)

Thomas Tölle (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

Moderators: Michael van Fisenne (Grünenthal), Sam Kynman (European Pain Federation - EFIC)

1645 - 1700

Wrap up and next steps

SIP Partners


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