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Bildungswerk Aachen is offering you an interesting autumn

Ladies and gentlemen, now that the summer is here and you can hopefully enjoy it to its fullest, we would like to offer you a view of the autumn. From September onwards numerous trainings of the hospice service will take place again.
• Palliative Care Plus - Palliative care for neurological diseases compact - from 03.09.2018
• Structuring and moderating of palliative/ethical case discussions - 12./13.09.2018
• Naturopathic care/Aroma care-19./20.09.2018
• Palliative Care for nursing professionals - from 24.09.2018
• Training for everyday companions according to § 53c - 25./26.09.2018
• Systemic funeral accompaniment - from 05.10.2018
• Qualification for health care planning for the last phase of life (§ 132g para 3 SGB v) - 21.01.2019
• Pain meets PALLIATIVE CARE - 14./15.09.2018
• 110. Aachen Hospice Conversation - 01./02.02.2019

You can find more training and events on the Hospice website.

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