SIP 2016 Materials

Now available! SIP Proceedings 2016

Summary of International SIP Symposium 2016

The SIP 2016 Proceedings booklet outlines the SIP symposium 2016, which took place in Brussels, Belgium, 23-24 May 2016. It comprises summaries from all four parallel workshops, overviews on the plenary sessions, key results and statements, as well as impressions from speakers and participants. More than 220 stakeholders from 28 countries had attended the event, which was endorsed by more than 165 international and national scientific organisations, patient advocacy groups and health authorities.

Read here the full SIP 2016 Proceedings booklet

SIP 2016 builds a strong legacy

SIP 2016 came to a close putting forward a series of policy recommendations to fundamentally change pain care and the effect of pain on society. They include 8 points for considerations to EU and national policy makers:


  1. Implement article 8.5 of the Cross-border Healthcare Directive
  2. Establish an EU platform on the societal impact of pain
  3. Integrate chronic pain within EU policies on chronic diseases
  4. Ensure that pain care is a part of policies and strategies on cancer
  5. Initiate policies addressing the impact of pain on employment
  6. Implement workplace adjustments for people with chronic pain
  7. Increase investment in pain research
  8. Prioritise pain within education for health care professionals, patients and the general public

Read the full SIP 2016 policy recommendations.

These recommendations are based on specific policy recommendations developed by the faculty of each of the four Working Groups:

Chris Wells, Joop Van Griensven and Mariano Votta spell out what SIP 2016 will bring for them

Dr Chris Wells, President of the European Pain Federation EFIC,  Joop Van Griensven, President of the Pain Alliance Europe (PAE), and Mariano Votta, Director of Active Citizenship Network (ACN) are the driving forces of SIP 2016 and pain policy making in the EU.

Read about their views on SIP 2016 in these exclusive interviews! 

In his interview, Dr Wells clarifies what needs to change at EU policy level. "We are concerned that there is very little mention of pain treatment as it relates to cancer care in Commission materials on the subject", he says. And also, "effective pain policies can positively impact the productivity and longevity of Europe’s labour force and delay early retirement", he proposes. 

Read Mr Van Griensven's interview. The President of the Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) urges all the actors involved to agree on a common plan. "If we don’t get that agreement, we are never going to achieve anything – that’s why this symposium is so important – it’s where this will all happen."

In his interview, Mr Votta focuses on the implementation of the cross-border healthcare directive with regards to chronic pain. "Cross border and cross institutional comparison of health care services in pain care require outcome criteria on patient-, consumer-, medical- and policy level", he says.

SIP 2016 booklet now available

Learn more about speakers and endorsing organisations!

The SIP 2016 Abstract & Background booklet contains background readings to SIP 2016, providing contextual information on the working groups’ discussions and speakers and faculties’ abstracts. The booklet also includes the full list of 160 endorsing organisations supporting the scientific objectives of the symposium. 

Read here the SIP 2016 Abstract & Background booklet.

What is at stake during SIP 2016?

Now it is time for policy-makers to address the societal impact of pain and lift the burden from patients, healthcare systems, and the economy. 

At SIP 2016, we want to raise real issues and provide real solutions.

Read more on the SIP factsheets! 

Save the date for SIP 2016: 23-24 May

The 6th Societal Impact of Pain symposium takes place in Brussels

The SIP 2016 announcement flyer includes a short overview of the symposium content.

It is time for action!

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