Programme of the SIP Symposium 2014

SIP Symposium 2014 - Interactive Panel Discussions
5th European Annual Event
SQUARE - Brussels Meeting Centre

November 17-18th 2014

Interviews and panel discussions, 18th November 2014

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Losing the love of my life to Cancer


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Interview with 3 patient ambassadors: making the invisible visible – the experience of living with chronic pain


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Panel discussion 1: Out of sight, out of mind – why the reluctance to see pain as a critical issue (complete panel discussion)


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Panel Discussion 2: Good practise – how do we stimulate innovation and accelerate the replication? (Complete panel discussion)


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Panel Discussion 3: Outcome of the Italian Presidency’s discussion on Pain and Palliative Care at the informal Ministerial Council. What now? (Complete panel discussion)


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Panel Discussion 4: The future – How can stakeholders advocating for the recognition of pain in Europe work together to ensure change? (Complete Panel discussion)


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