The Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) 2011

The 2nd European symposium in the European Parliament

EFIC® and Grünenthal have committed to organise and support the 2nd SIP symposium to be held in Brussels on 3 and 4 May, 2011. The event will provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to network, exchange best practice and create alliances for future collaborations on improving pain care. Representatives from national and European patient and health professional associations as well as academics will be able to put forward their ideas and experiences with leading EU and national policy makers, including representatives from national payers and ministries, European Commission officials and Members of the European Parliament.

Together with the support, input and advice by the host, Dr Jiri Maštálka MEP and Dr. Milan Cabrnoch MEP, the scientific framework of the symposium is designed under the responsibility of the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®). Grünenthal is responsible for logistic support, preparation and organisation of SIP 2011.

The symposium is a two-day event with presentations, workshops, and panel discussions. The symposium will be structured in a way to give each participant some initial common scientific insight on the topic. In the two plenary sessions the international context of pain care will be outlined. In the workshops, we will work towards practice-oriented recommendations to increase the efficiency of policy measures for pain care. Subsequently, all participants are invited to take part in the workshops, where they can contribute with their personal knowledge and professional experiences.

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