Workshop 3

Impact of pain on the society


Gottfried Endel   Hauptverband der Österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger  AT


Albrecht Kloepfer   Büro für gesundheitspolitische Kommunikation  DE


Norman Evans Presentation Imperial College, London Healthcare Trust  UK
Citizens rights for pain treatment in Italy Antonio Gaudioso   Cittadinanzattiva IT
The impact of pain from the patient perspective Joana Gabriele Muñiz Presentation President of the Spanish Patients Association ES

Pain and Rehabilitation 

Roberto Casale Presentation "Salvatore Maugeri" Foundation, IRCCS
Montescano, Pavia 
Pain and family Werner Kerschbaum Presentation Deputy Secretary General, Österreichischen Roten Kreuz AT
Pain management in practice Michel Vanhalewyn Presentation General coordinator Sociéte scientifique de Médecine générale (SSMG) BE

Charter of Rights for people living with Chronic Pain 

Gina Plunkett  Presentation Vice Chairperson of the Chronic Pain Association  IE
Quality of life after pain treatment in patients with fibromyalgia Emilia Altarriba Presentation President of the Foundation of Fibromyalgia ES
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