Udruženje za Istraživanje i Tretman Bola Srbije (UITBS) Serbian Association for Pain Research and Treatment (SAPRT)


Đorđa Nikšića-Johana 30,
21000 Novi Sad,


Staying active in painful reality is essential. SAPRT is a professional, multidisciplinary and non-profit Association focused on pain, founded in 2006. The SAPRT is a chapter of IASP and EFIC. The problem of chronic pain is still not well enough recognized in the Serbian Health Care System (SHCS), although pain specialists are recognized in the SHCS. Additional efforts are done towards introducing Pain Medicine and Palliative Medicine as teaching subjects into curricula of Medicine and Nursing studies.

SAPRT recognizes the SIP as EU initiative and platform, endorses and completely supports SIP. SIP is an ideal forum for presenting facts, exchanging ideas and bringing the issue of chronic pain to general public awareness.