Societe Francaise d'Etude et de Traitement de la Douleur (SFETD)


c/o Ms Pascaline Lavalade,
CHU - Hôpital de Cimiez,
Pavillon Mossa - Département Douleur,
4, avenue Reine Victoria,
06000 NICE,


The SFETD is the French chapter of IASP. Since 2000 it became the main multidisciplinary organization that includes both scientists and clinicians interested in pain in France. SFETD has more than 1200 health professionals involved in the study and treatment of pain.

The main objectives of SFETD are to bring together scientists, health care professionals to stimulate, improve and support the study of pain throughout France. SFETD strongly interacts with policy makers with the aim to translate knowledge into improved pain relief.