BackCare, an organization in the UK came up with the Back Pain Construction Initiative

BackCare UK collaborates with Pristine Conditions (world leader in manual handling training) to launch a new campaign, aimed at reducing the impact of back pain in the construction industry. Manual handling accounts for 38% of workplace accidents, most of which are back injuries. Bottom lines for the new campaign are:

  • CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) delivers optional training programmes, and yet back pain in the UK construction industry costs $1 billion per year and destroys thousands of human lives.
  • A proven effective training protocol must be adopted by the CITB and enforced by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) as mandatory for all construction companies
  • True educative prevention has proven return on investment, therefore it does not matter whether this is paid for by the levy or Government funding.

For more information, please read the full article below: "Back Pain in the Construction Industry" and/or have a look on the website of the BackCare Construction Initiative.