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Happy Birthday!

The SIP group on the interactive platform "LinkedIn" celebrates its 2nd anniversary. The group on the topic of the "Societal Impact of Pain" was created on 20th November 2010. Since then network has grown to a size of 2.125 members! 

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Did you miss SIP 2013 Focus Groups? No problem!

You have missed SIP 2013 Focus Groups or would like to review presentations given?

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What about pain care in...Europe?

Monitor on national pain care in EU-countries

Most of us know what it is like to have pain and to go to a doctor for getting medication, physiotherapy or other treatments. What most of us are not aware of is how pain is being managed in other countries of Europe. Will a GP prescribe a pain drug in UK? Are physicians specially trained for treating pain patients in Spain? Do patients have access to pain specialists in Portugal? Do politicians recognise the need for pain care in Italy? Is pain care in Scandinavia really better than in southern-EU countries?

Together with the European umbrella organisation for the study of pain (EFIC®), Grünenthal Governmenthal Affairs & Health Policy has developed a European Monitor to give a quick and country-specific overview of the situation of pain care in most European countries.

Please view the full European Road Map Monitor 2011

SIP 2012 on official calender of Danish EU Presidency

Societal Impact of Pain - konference om kroniske smerter

For tredje år i træk afholder den europæiske forening for smertespecialister (EFIC) og Foreningen af Kronisk Smertepatienter (FAKS) en tværsektoriel konference om kroniske smerter, ”Societal Impact of Pain”. Konference giver mulighed at diskutere og udarbejde forslag til, hvordan man kan gribe de udfordringer, som kroniske smerter giver, an. Konferencen er opbygget således, at der er rig mulighed for interaktion og dialog. Således indledes konferencen med to dages møder for særlige interessegrupper og workshops. På de forskellige workshops får deltagerne mulighed for at fordybe sig i dialog omkring et specifikt emne.

Ministeriets for Sundhed og Forebyggelses

For the official announcement in full English on the SIP 2012 symposim, please go to the website of the Danish Presidency.

SIP 2012 "Marketplace" - Option to exhibit materials

On 30 and 31 May 2012 in the Bella Sky Congress Hall Foyer, a SIP 2012 "Marketplace" will be held. This is an informal area where our SIP partners and stakeholders can present stakeholder materials and get in contact with other participants. No commercial promotion or products may be displayed during the Marketplace. All items that are displayed must be topics related to the Societal Impact of Pain. 

For more detailed information about the setup, please click on this document.

The scientific aims of SIP 2012 are endorsed by more than 40 organisations

The scientific aims of SIP 2012 are endorsed by more than 40 organizations

Up to today the scientific aims of SIP 2012 are already endorsed by more than 40 pain advocacy groups and patient organizations. If you would like to become an endorsing organisation and endorse the scientific aims of the 3rd European Symposium on the "Societal Impact of Pain" (SIP 2012) too, please contact the SIP 2012 committee

SIP 2012 to take place in Copenhagen

Save the Date: 3rd European Symposium on the "Societal Impact of Pain"

Following the great success from SIP 2011 in the EU Parliament/Brussels, the mission of the European Platform "Societal Impact of Pain" for an improved pain care in Europe is continuing: Next year the 3rd European SIP symposium will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please block your calender from Tuesday, 29 May - Thursday, 31 May. 

For more information on SIP 2012, please see the official SIP 2012 announcment

EU Commissioner John Dalli supports SIP

"Managing pain correctly"

As Commissioner Dalli stated during the 2nd European symposium on the Societal Impact of Pain held in the European Parliament in Brussels on 3 and 4 May, ‘we need to understand pain better and manage it correctly’, especially in the context of an ageing society. Read the full transkription of John Dalli's opening speech during the SIP symosium in the EU Parliament on 3 May. 

The Commission recently launched the Active and Healthy Ageing Partnership. Moreover, the Council has called upon the Commission to conduct a reflection process about what Europe can do to address chronic diseases by 2012.   

SIP - A Road Map for Action

Tackling chronic pain in Europe on policy level

During the 2nd symposium on the "Societal Impact of Pain", which took place in the European Parliament in Brussels on 3-4 May 2011, a "Road Map for Action" was adpoted and officially presented to Members of the European Parliament and the EU Commission.

The policy instrument lists seven concrete policy dimensions on how to tackle chronic pain in Europe. It is directed towards the EU institutions, as well as towards governmens and decision-makers of EU Member States. More information you can find in the corresponding SIP symposium press release

1. Acknowledgement of pain as an important factor limiting the quality of life;  
2. Availability of information and access to pain diagnosis and management;
3. Increased awareness of the medical, financial and social impact that pain and its management have;
4. Increased awareness of the importance of prevention, diagnosis and management of pain;
5. Enforcement of pain research;  
6. Establishment an EU platform for the exchange, comparison and benchmarking of best practices;
7. Trend monitoring in pain management by using the EU platform. 

Here you can find the complete Road Map for Action.