Chronic Pain: making the invisible visible.

European collection of good practices

Project duration: from June to December 2014

The booklet comprises a European collection of good practices of chronic pain management, as recognized by Active Citizenship Network. In particular, the research allows us to give continuity - expanding it with some specificity – to the investigation for good practices in the struggle against pain started by ACN - in co-operation with PAE - in 2012-2013.

The aims of the project are:

  1. To keep attention focused on chronic pain as a health priority locally, nationally, and at the EU level;

  2. To encourage the exchange of experiences between professionals and patients' associations;

  3. To raise awareness among institutions about the need to identify chronic pain as a priority in health policies and programs at EU and national levels;

  4. To create a body of evidence that can be used to support the expansion of programs tailored to the care and treatment of patients with chronic pain;

  5. Raise awareness about the technological advances and their impact of the care and treatment of chronic pain – how the improvement of lives for those with chronic pain.

More information on the project you will find at the ACN Project Website.

Here you will find the complete ACN collection booklet.