3 Dec 2012: Chronic pain as a major cause of absenteeism and early retirement

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Basis for Austrian “Road Map for Action” established

On the 3rd December 2012, an expert panel discussion on "Chronic pain as a major cause of absenteeism and early retirement" took place in Vienna. Besides Federal Minister Hundstorfer, many different experts in the fields of Politics, medicine, nursing, economics and pharmaceutical industries participated. 

The aim of the discussion group was to form the basis for an Austrian "Road Map for Action" in whom recommendations for the optimization and advancement of chronic Pain Patients’ supply are to be formulated and addressed to the policy. A “Road Map for Action” already exists on European level. 
Here you can find the European “Road Map for Action”

Please read here the original Austrian Press Release on “Chronic pain as a major cause of absenteeism and early retirement” (GER).

24 Oct 2012: Alliance for Chronic Pain Austria

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EURAG Austria and 27 support groups merge to invest Austrian pain patients with a strong voice

On the 24th October 2012 the EURAG Austria (European Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly) and 12 SHGs (support groups) assembled for the first time in the the "Institute for Ethics and Law in Medicine", Austria, to put European politicans under pressure to attain a raised awareness that pain needs to be considered as a disease on its own rights.

EURAG Austria as a founding member of the "Pain Alliance Europe" was the significant influence to unify the SHGs into the "Alliance for Chronic Pain Austria" under the motto "Together we are strong". The Alliance's mission is to invest Austrian pain patients with a powerful and active voice.

Furthermore, it was decided to design a new Homepage soon to display the Alliance's mission, the henceforth 27 SHGs, new ways of theapy and helpful links.

Yet the latest proceedings are presented on the EURAG Autria Homepage.

October 2012: Publication "Chronic Pain"

Overview of outpatient pain treatment in Austria

The German Pain Society (Deutsche Schmerzgesellschaft e.V.) released an overview of the Austrian outpatient management in their publication organ "Der Schmerz". It is published by the "Springer Verlag" and written by four co-authors; E. Krahulec, L.J. Schmidt, W. Habacher and H. Kratzer.

The publication displays that the quality criteria relating to the structure of care established by the Austrian Society for Pain have only been partially implemented. Potential for improvement exists particularly with regards to the prevalence of pain-specific training, interdisciplinary teamwork and the measurement of outcomes.

Here you can read the full publication „Der Schmerz“

14 Dec 2011: First Austrian SIP Steering Committee

Initiation of implementation of the "Road Map for Action" for the improvement of pain care in Austria

Press Release from 14 December 2011 (in German language) from the first Steering Committee meeting, which took place in Vienna on 25 November 2011. The seven policy dimensions of the "Road Map for Action", which were developed by the European, multi-stakeholder platform "societal Impact of Pain" (SIP), will be implemented in Austria. Representatives from the Austrian health care system discussed the national challenges of pain care and developed concrete proposals for action for the improvement. 

Press Release Austrian SIP Steering Committe
Societal Impact of Pain - A Road Map for Action